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Equipment with Abrasion-resistant Ceramic Liner


Besides the abrasion-resistant ceramic pinging, Kingcera also produce different kinds of simple equipment with abrasion-resistant ceramic liner upon specific requirement of clients. The design of equipment and the installation of ceramic li...

The stud welding wear resistant ceramic liner (NMC-G)


Kingcera stud welding wear resistant ceramic liner was designed for solving the problems of high temperature, high impact, dynamic operation and other equipment abrasions on serious working conditions. The adhesive and mechanical methods ar...

Wear-resistant ceramic liner applied in vertical mill roller protective cover


The Characteristics of wear-resistant ceramic composite liner 1. High hardness, excellent wear-resisting performance The ceramic added with 95% Al₂O₃ and various kinds of wear resistant materials, by using 100 tons of dry-pressing, it h...

Mining Application Of Kingcera Ceramic Sleeve Lined Pipe Fittings


Sintering as a whole ceramic tube or ceramic sleeve,and then assemble it into the steel pipe or stainless steel pipe with our high-strength-temperature-resistant epoxy adhesive. The ceramic sleeve lined pipe has applied a lot in the mining...

Ceramic rings lined pipe for chemical or fine powder convey system


Kingcera can provide different ceramic solutions for the pipe convey system. Ceramic rings lined pipe is one kind of our solution. Ceramic rings are smooth and wear resistant. It is widely used in chemical, fine powder convey pipes for wear...