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Special Cover-lining Designed for Lithium Battery Production in Mixing Process

Time:2019-04-29    Author:Kevin Xiao    Reader:

With the rapid development of industry and economy, Lithium battery has become a new choice for green power. More and more cars are driven by the electricity motors instead of gas or fuel. How to maintain an effective production line for Lithium battery has become a heat-topic for all plants and factories.
The cylinder mixer plays an important role in the mixing process. However, the wall, plowshare, and feeding hopper are easily suffering from serious abrasion problems during this process. The traditional method to prevent such problems is coating treatment, but the service life time is not long enough from daily production. 
KINGCERA designed special ceramic lining in solving such problems. All the ceramic tiles are made of 95% A2O3 and were smoothly bonded on the surface of the inner-shell. As the hardness of ceramic tiles is more than 87HRC, it is a key factor to show the ability of wear-resistance. This will greatly improve the service life of Mixer itself. 

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