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Ceramic lined T pipe for mineral processing plant

Time:2019-07-16    Author:Michael Liu    Reader:

This big diameter ceramic lined T pipe is bonded with the abrasion resistant alumina  ceramic lining into the inner wall of the carbon steel T pipe with strong bonding strength adhesive. 
The T pipe is the most difficult pipe fitting to do the installation with the ceramic lining, especially for the angle parts .It will show the installation worker’s skill and experiences. After lined hundreds and thousands ceramic lined pipes and elbows each years .Kingcera’s designers and installation workers became more and more professional and skillful .
In the mineral processing plant, the pipes ,elbows and T pipes always suffered a very serious abrasion and impact and ceramic wear protection can solve this problem perfectly. That’s why the ceramic lined pipes ,elbows and T pipes became more and more popular .After the customer received the ceramic lined T pipes and gave us a very high evaluation not only for the great ceramic installation ,but good performance and service on site.
1. Superior wear resistance
2. Chemical and impact resistance
3. Erosion acid, alkali resistance 
4. Smooth inner wall
5. Easy installation 
6. Longer service lifetime
7. Competitive and reasonable price
8. Saved maintenance time and expenditure

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