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Ceramic tile lined pipe spool introduction

Time:2017-04-10    Author:Shirley Yih    Reader:

1. The selection of Abrasion-resistant ceramics
The abrasion-resistant lined pipe is composed by steel pipe, adhensive and abrasion-resistant ceramic, we use 20 # seamless steel pipes shaping with hot bending (it is different from centrifugal casting or steel plate rolling), the ceramic tiles bonding with GWJ-350 high temperature-resistant inorganic adhesive which was developed by TsingHua University and Kingcera to affix abrasion-resistant ceramic in the steel pipes, we use miss match installation instead of directly bonding (this technology was used in the bridge building a thousand years ago), and forms a firm wear-resistance layer after heating solidification. This product is applicable for the pneumatic powder-feeding, and can be used under a temperature of 350℃without aging and peeling for long life. The service life is 4-5 times than the normal abrasion-resistant pipes.
2. Advantage
Super wear-resistant, high density: we use 95% of chromium corundum, 100 tons dry-pressing.
Elbows formed by hot-bending, the outside of the bending part are seamless which is wear-resistant and can prolong the service life.
Firmly bonding without pealing: we use epoxy adhesive and miss-match installation technology, so that there is no straight-seam.
High temperature and ageing resistance: we abandon the traditional organic bond, and use inorganic bond which is ageing resistance.
High pressure resistance: We use 20# seamless steel pipe, which is high pressure resistance and avoiding welding leakage.
The pipe with smooth inner wall which can make the materials flow smoothly: we use seamless steel pipes which has smooth inner wall that can reduce weariness, and the height tolerance of ceramics is below 0.5mm.
3. Application Guidance
Avoid welding on site, the welding layer should be 30mm above the ceramic layers; according to our experiences , if you need a shot welding (for example spot welding) or must welding, watering after welding, which will reduce the damage of adhesive layer.
Avoid striking and throwing the pipes during transportation and installation.
To achieve the best abrasion-resistant solutions, thicken ceramic liners can be used in the elbow which has serious abrasions.

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