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Thin and colorful wear resistant ceramic tiles

Time:2017-04-25    Author:Jack    Reader:

According to different applications requirement, Kingcera has made different thinner ceramic tiles with different colors. Our wear resistant ceramics are mainly used in steel, smelting, coal power plant, chemistry, cement, port, concrete machines and so on.
Ceramic has the following character:
1. High hardness, Rockwell is HRA80-90
2. Superior abrasion-resistance performance
3. Low density: 3.6g/cm3, it is only half than the steel density.
4. Proper Protection for Long Lifetime and trouble free Operation
Main Ceramic tiles specification:
Rockwell hardness≥85Mpa
Fracture toughness ≥4.8Mpa.m1/2
Bend strength≥290Mpa
Thermal conductivity≥20W/m.K
Thermal expansion: 7.2x10-6m/m.K
Thin ceramic tile pictures:

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