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Ceramic rings lined pipe for chemical or fine powder convey system

Time:2017-05-03    Author:Jack    Reader:

Kingcera can provide different ceramic solutions for the pipe convey system. Ceramic rings lined pipe is one kind of our solution. Ceramic rings are smooth and wear resistant. It is widely used in chemical, fine powder convey pipes for wear resistant, as well as chemical resistant.
Normally, the ceramic rings by slip casting or hot injection. But Kingcea makes the rings by Isostatic Pressing, which make the ceramic rings are much better. Now, our ceramic rings lined pipe are used in organic silicon factory, chemical factory, sand pipe, coal powder convey system and so on. 
Kingcera can make the ceramic rings from DN50mm to DN300mm. Ceramic material as following:



Rockwell hardness≥85Mpa

Fracture toughness ≥4.8Mpa.m1/2

Bend strength≥290Mpa

Thermal conductivity≥20W/m.K

Thermal expansion: 7.2x10-6m/m.K

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