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Wear-resistant ceramic liner applied in vertical mill roller protective cover

Time:2017-05-22    Author:Shirley Yih    Reader:

The Characteristics of wear-resistant ceramic composite liner 

1. High hardness, excellent wear-resisting performance
The ceramic added with 95% Al₂O₃ and various kinds of wear resistant materials, by using 100 tons of dry-pressing, it has the characteristics of high density, high toughness and wear-resistant. Inspected by Shanghai Institute of Ceramic Chinese Academy of Sciences, the abrasion resistant of Kingcera wear-resistant ceramic is 266 times that of manganese steel, and 171.5 times that of high-chrome cast iron.
2. Excellent impact resistance
Kingcera wear-resistant ceramic not only added with Cr2O3 and TiO2 which are similar to Al2O3, but also added with ZnO whiskers which were introduced by Toshiba of Japan, during sintering formed into a solid solution with Al2O3. Refined grain and promoted the sintering and improved the effect of fracture toughness, the fracture toughness can reach to KIC≥4.97Mpa.m1/2
3. The liner surface is smooth, not blocking with materials
Kingcera has unique ceramic recipe which can make the surface smooth and improve the lubricity, reduce the water absorption, so that to ensure the smooth running of machines.
4. Firm installation
Our company takes the most reliable way to ensure the ceramic do not fall off during the operation:
The outer walls of the steel parts are welded with 30mm NMC-Y type of wear-resistant ceramic. Ceramic bonded firmly with steel, and we use imported special metal adhesive. The product is with strong adhesion, good heat resistance, acid alkali resistance, corrosion resistance and aging resistant charateristics.
5. Performance comparison
1)High wear-resistant. Compared with alloy, cast stone, coating liners, the service life is 3-10 times longer.
2) Lower density, thin thickness, greatly reduced the pipe weight.
3) Convenient maintenance, longer service life, which greatly reduced the maintenance service.
4) We use heat-resistant inorganic bond which has high strength and heat resistant characteristics.
6. Service life
The service life is more than 2 years.

The technical index of wear-resistant ceramic composite liner

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