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The stud welding wear resistant ceramic liner (NMC-G)

Time:2017-06-20    Author:Shirley Yih    Reader:

Kingcera stud welding wear resistant ceramic liner was designed for solving the problems of high temperature, high impact, dynamic operation and other equipment abrasions on serious working conditions. The adhesive and mechanical methods are used for fixing ceramics; highest temperature resistant 750℃
Type: Stud welding wear resistant ceramic liner (NMC-G)
The structure of the product: 
This product was used advanced stud welding technology to fix ceramics to the steel equipment; studs are fitted with check bolts which is greatly enhanced the welding reliability; cooperated with special high temperature inorganic bond (GWJ-750), can be operated at 750 ℃ high temperature without aging and pealing.
The product is designed to solve the wear out problems on serious working conditions such as high temperature, high impact. We use viscose and mechanical method to fix ceramics, the top temperature tolerance is 750 ℃.
The advantages and disadvantages of stud welding compared to spot welding:
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