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Equipment with Abrasion-resistant Ceramic Liner

Time:2017-07-03    Author:Shirley Yih    Reader:

Besides the abrasion-resistant ceramic pinging, Kingcera also produce different kinds of simple equipment with abrasion-resistant ceramic liner upon specific requirement of clients. The design of equipment and the installation of ceramic lining are based on the working conditions of equipment. Before design and production we will have a sufficient understanding of the working conditions of client’s equipment, analyze the abrasion mechanism and consider all the possible abnormal events, then we will formulate a solution or client’s approval.
Because the lining and the equipment are processed in the same factory, the product quality can be guaranteed as far as possible. Meanwhile, the method in which abrasion-resistant lining and equipment are supplied together is welcomed by clients, because it enables them to replace the old equipment with a whole new one in short time. This method is also particular suitable for orders from abroad.
Different kinds of hoppers and bunkers
Hopper and silos, which are widely used in the industrial material feeding system, are generally suffering serious abrasion and strong impact. According to the abrasion, impact and environment temperature, we select suitable abrasion-resistant ceramic lining to install on the inner wall of the equipment.
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