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Wear-Resistant Ceramic Liner Applied in Cylinder Mixer for Sintering Plant

Time:2017-10-23    Author:Kevin Xiao    Reader:

With the continuous improvement of clinker ratio, the requirement for sintering is getting higher and higher. And the contradiction between supplement and demand is becoming more and more prominent, which have become the bottleneck restricting the development of the company. 
In order to improve the mixing efficiency, many sintering plants decided to make adjustment to the material and structure of the linings. Customers had done a lot of analysis of the liner material by carrying out experiments based on different supplier’s lining tiles, and finally they found that KINGCERA is of the best quality with features of Superior Abrasion Resistance, Excellent Impact Resistance, and High Temperature Resistance, which extended the lifespan of Teeth-shaft coupling and Cylinder Mixer.
Generally speaking, there two main issues caused by the old structure of Cylinder Mixer as the polymer plastic liner were used:
1).The structure of the lining is unreasonable. As the liners breaks down, raw material will filled into internal extrusion under liners, and the fixed bolts cannot be removed, which could increase overall weight of the lining and result in severe accidents to the equipment itself. 
2).Raw Material is frequently adhered on the inner wall of the Cylinder Mixer. Sticky thickness could be of about 150mm or more, which not only increased the equipment load, but also caused poor discharge, and sometimes even transports the material from the feeding box out of the mixer.
After the calculation, the entire cylinder sticky material weights about 15tons, which lead to the following consequences: 
a. Load of equipment really increased
b. Transmission parts life reduced
c. Power consumption even rise up
d. Bad maintenance and long shutdown time
e. Low operation rate
f. High cost for repairment 
As the wear-resistant ceramic liners worked well in the mixing feeding hopper, outlet hopper and ash pipes, KINGCERA’s Ceramic Liners were widely applied in Steel mills, Smelting Plants. Etc.
1. Application of Ceramic Liners in Sintering Plant located in Anhui Province

2. Application of Ceramic Liners in Sintering Plant located in Hunan Province

3. Application of Ceramic Liners in Sintering Plant located in Hubei Province

We install Wear-Resistant Ceramic Liner for our customers during their annual maintenance time. As the temperature inside Cylinder Mixer is of 150 ~ 180℃ steam and 65 ~ 80℃ mixture, we divided the whole lining zones into several district and accomplish process as following: 
Polishing→ Rust Cleaning → Bolts Welding →Gluing → Lining→ Checking  
Based on the feedbacks from the customers, the status of sticky materials eliminated a lot, only few material adhered in the steel angle after the installation KINGCERA’s Wear-Resistant Ceramic Liner. Estimated lifespan of Liners could be more than 5 years or longer.
The excellent performance of the wear-resistant ceramic liner optimized the path of the material mixing which strengthened the mixing and pelletizing ability of Cylinder Mixer. The average particle size of the mixture detected from the Q-4 belt increased by 0.5mm, the pelleting rate also increased by 2%~3%. These improvements reduce the daily labor cost and saved resources efficiently. By reducing the shutdown time and cleaning time, the sintering operating rate raised 1% daily could increase the ability of sintering ore by 6000t each year.
The application of Wear-Resistant Ceramic Lining has been proved to be a success in Cylinder Mixer. 
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