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Ceramic lined pipe delivered to animal feed factory

Time:2018-07-23    Author:Jack    Reader:

Ceramic tile lined pipe can be used for many industries. Kingcera have more than 25 years’ experience for producing the ceramic wear liners, ceramic lined pipe as well as any equipment which suffered from abrasion problems. We can provide suitable solution for the customers.
Recently, Kingcera get an order from the animal feed factory in China. The animal feed is produced by the food, such as soybeans, corns and so on. The animal feed production system has a lot of the pipes for transporting the raw materials. Customer usually uses the stainless steel pipes, but they are not good at abrasion resistant. 

Kingcera provided a solution for them. We use the 5mm thick 95% alumina ceramic tile lined pipes for the replacement of their stainless pipes. Customer has tried some pipes before; our ceramic lined service life is much longer than the stainless steel. So they ordered more this time. 
Ceramic tile lined pipe has the following advantage:
--- Long lifetime. 
--- Reduce the maintenance frequency 
--- No operation interruption
--- Smooth surface to achieve good flow ability and to avoid plugs
--- Reduced pressure losses and lower energy cost

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