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Ceramic wear liners

Time:2018-07-30    Author:Roy Luo    Reader:

Kingcera ceramic wear liners are an advanced wear product supplied by Hunan Kingcera Engineering Co., Ltd. The ceramic tiles are available in Rubber encased liners, excellent in high abrasion applications with the ability to absorb impact, to provide an outstanding wear solution and cost saving measure to many mining operations and process industries.

Kingcera ceramic wear liners is a versatile product range specifically designed to protect against the most extreme of abrasive environments including, but not limited to:
Chute liners
Cyclone liners
Conveyor skirt liners
Process piping
Deflector plates
Screen feed plates
Reclaimer chutes

Kingcera provide our clients with support services in mechanical and design engineering, ensuring the most efficient and effective layout and design to maximize wear life, material flow rates and ultimately enhance savings.

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