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Ceramic Wear Plate Liners – Transfer Chute

Time:2018-08-27    Author:Roy Luo    Reader:

Material: Iron Ore– 12,000 tonnes per hour
Location: Port Hedland, Western Australia
Kingcera wear liners comprise of advanced ceramic tiles, bonded in a high tensile strength rubber matrix to a studded steel backing plate.
All our ceramic wear liners were bonded using our proprietary bonding process that enables an engineering grade bond between the ceramic and the steel plate to be achieved. As a result the bonded ceramics provide superior wear life and impact resistance.
Result – 300% increase in wear:
The installation of our wear plates was completed saving time and considerable cost.
To date there has been no cracking or chipping of tiles on the wear plates and we have seen a 300% increase in the wear life of the plates with our solution.

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