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How to choose a suitable and long-last elbow for pneumatic conveying

Time:2018-08-31    Author:Kevin Xiao    Reader:

Elbows also called bends which are widely used in the pneumatic conveying system in order to providing a change in material-flow direction. How to choose a proper elbow and keep your system running smoothly at the peak performance is of significant importance during production process. The right elbow not only can prolong the service time but also reduce maintenance costs and minimize material attrition. 

Particle size, conveying velocity, pressure and temperature should be taken into full consideration when selecting the elbow. Each design of elbow is to suit a certain applications. As the raw material enters the inlet of the elbow, it typically continues moving straight ahead to the primary impact area, and then deflected at an angle toward the outlet of the elbow. Generally speaking, the small particles will hit one or more secondary impact area before exiting the elbow. 

With 25 years of experience in the Abrasion trouble-shooting, KINGCERA specially designed the ceramic lined elbows which ZTA ceramics and ARZ ceramics which best solving the abrasion problems for pneumatic conveying system. This product combines the high-resistant property of ceramic tiles with the high-strengthen steel pipe (or stainless steel pipe), service lifetime is 20 times more when compared to the normal steel elbows. Now they are widely used in cement, chemical, mineral processing, powder conveying industries! Our clients highly praised KINGCERA brand with high quality and quick response service!
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