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Kingcera’s Ceramic Lagging for the belt pulley

Time:2018-10-15    Author:Michael Liu    Reader:

There are many conveying belt pulleys in the steel industry, cement factory, port ,mining for material conveying. Usually, the pulleys are wrapped by a layer of rubber to prevent the abrasions .The material or the clay are easy to bond the belt or pulley when the pulley works in the raining day. Then the belt will be easy slipping. Especially in the outdoors, the roller will be easy to wear out under the material and belt corrosion. Therefore , it will affect the working efficiency seriously, Even have to shut down the machine because of the abrasion.

Kingcera belt pulleys are adopted the new methods. We vulcanized our wear resistant ceramic into the rubber and wrap onto the pulley. Besides , our lining which have troughs between the ceramic are good for draining the water and clay, so that it can ensure the working when the condition is rigorous. It not only can prevent the roller from slipping, but also prolong the pulley's service life span.  

Ceramic Lagging Sizes:


1. Long lifetime. It can prolong the service life span 8-10 times at least than the normal belt rubber pulley.
2. The rough surface of ceramic. Prevent the belt and roller from slipping.
3. Belt protection. Because of our special design of the ceramic ,the belt had few abrasions.
4. Troughs between the ceramic are good for draining away the water and clay.