Onsite Repairement and Installation for Twin Shaft Concrete Mixer Liner

Time:2019-04-08      Author:Kevin Xiao    Reader:     
 After years of researching and development, the 8th generation of ceramic concrete mixer liner has taken the place of its former generations. 
On February, KINGCERA received an emergency call from our mainland customer who told KINCGERA that their twin shaft concrete mixer is suffering from serious abrasion problems. They need to make the maintenance and repairment during the limited shutdown time. 

On hearing of this, KINGCERA arranged our skilled workers and drive about 600KM to reach their plant. As soon as we arrived at the site, our maintenance team members jump into the concrete mixer immediately starting the repairement job regardless of tiredness. Finally we completed the job ahead of the deadline and KINGCERA TEAM was highly complimented by the customer. 

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