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Company foreign trade staff visited EU customers

Time:2019-05-27      Author:Jack Huang    Reader:     
After the German BAUMA Exhibition, the company's Foreign Trade Sales Manager Mr. Jack Huang visited several customers in the EU. The customers who visited this time have end users of concrete pump parts, professional wear-resistant service companies and regional distributors. Through on-the-spot visits, in-depth face-to-face communication with partners has further deepened the customer's impression of Kingcera.
We introduced the current developments of the company, the company's one-stop service system, and the development of new products. And discuss the development of the EU market with the customer.
Company foreign trade staff visited EU customers
Every time we visit a client, our customers are warmly welcome us and have a meeting with us. We also visited the customer's factory, warehouse, and laboratory and so on. In the communication with customers, the customer is very satisfied with the quality of our products, especially the wear-resistant ceramic pump pipe, ceramic wear plates, three-in-one wear-resistant ceramic liner and ZTA ceramics. The wear-resistant ceramic concrete pump parts products operate very well at the customer site, and the service life is three to four times that of ordinary products, which increases the service life and greatly reduces the cost of equipment maintenance. Customers believe that our products are cost effective. They hope to further strengthen cooperation with us and expand the application of the market.
Some customers are very satisfied with our three-in-one wear-resistant ceramic liner, and believe that our products have always maintained a stable product quality and good appearance. The are welcomed by end users. Another customer who has cooperated with our company for ten years is very satisfied with the use of our alumina ceramic-lined pipe products in power plants and cement plants. The powder feeding pipes that have been used for seven or eight years are still in use which exceeded the user's expectations.
Company foreign trade staff visited EU customers
Through the field visits to customers, we have realized the use of the company's products in the customer units, and further strengthened the communication with the customers to understand the real needs of customers. We will continue to increase investment in research and development, continue to produce high-quality products, provide timely technical services, and develop together with customers to achieve win-win cooperation.
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