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New Project for Russia Market DN150 Ceramic Tiles Lined Pipe Applied in Sand Pneumatic Conveying

Time:2019-07-30      Author:Kevin Xiao    Reader:     
Sand conveying is a very typical pneumatic handling application among the mining industries. However, the conveying piping systems are easily suffered from serious abrasion problems which gradually lead to the worn out of the pipe lines, then the plant lose its basic production capacity in the end. Recently, KINCGERA finished a new project for our Russia partner whose straight pipes are easily broken due to high working capacity with silica sand conveying.

 After a very careful analyzation of the onsite-working condition, KINGCERA’s technician team comes up with the solution based on our 27 years of wear protection experience. This DN150 ceramic lined pipe composes of 9mm thick ceramic lining tiles along with Q235 mild steel pipe, which could prolong the whole service life time to at least 5 times longer when compared to the non-ceramic lining mild steel pipes.


Typical advantages of wear resistant ceramic tiles lined pipe:

1. Easy installation with flexible flange connection.
2. Smooth inner surface which is good for the flow conveying. 
3. Working temperature up to 150℃.
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