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Kingcera will back to regular work on 10th Feb 2020

Time:2020-02-05      Author:Rachel    Reader:     
As all known, whole China is fighting with new corona virus and as individual business Hunan Kingcera Engineering Co.,Ltd  we also take all necessary measurement to reduce our impact to minimal. Although it is known that virus couldn't likely survive in the manufacturing and transportatin provess, we do understand the public concern from a perception prospective. Below things would like to share with all friends:
1: will back to regular woking on 10th, Feb, 2020;
2: arranged designated person on duty to keep neccessary production running;
3: do extra on sterilizing on whole factory includes office building;
4: each staff is requested to wear mask and be made temperature measurement by safety officer starting from 10th Feb 2020;
We will be in touch regardless holiday or not to support our customers.
You could contact us from the ways in website:
Handphone/Whatsapp: +86 133 4871 7691
We trust communication and transparenceare the best thing we could and will do.


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