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Kingcera team is fully committed to completed an urgent project on time

Time:2020-04-02      Author:Jack Huang    Reader:     

In January 2020, Kingcera signed a wear-resistant ceramic liner contract with a well-known global industrial group company in Sweden. This project is the wear-resistant ceramic vulcanizing liner. The project has several features: First, all the liners are irregular shaped liners. Based on the standard liners, each liner needs to be cut. The second is that the user's maintenance downtime has been fixed, and the delivery time is very tight, and no extension is allowed. The contract was originally scheduled for full delivery by the end of March 2020.

However, due to the outbreak of the novel Coronavirus, the company postponed more than half a month's work time according to government restrictions after the Spring Festival. On the other hand, due to customer design reasons, the cutting solution of the product has been modified twice, and some finished products need to be re-cut. For this reason, the lead time is expected to be extended by at least one month. 

At this time, the customer communicated with us and hoped that we would do everything possible to deliver as planned. At this critical juncture, Kingcera immediately organized the establishment of a tackling team, deployed equipment and personnel, and worked overtime 24 hours. With the joint efforts of the team, we delivered in batches according to the specified delivery plan, and the last batch of goods was delivered on time on March 30, 2020.

The timely delivery of this project fully reflects the strong overall supporting capabilities and rapid emergency response capabilities of Hunan Kingcera Engineering Co., Ltd. And it also reflects Kingcera’s “customer-centric" business philosophy.

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