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KINGCERA’s Ceramic Lining Coal Pipe Help the Cement Plant Resume to Work

Time:2020-04-06      Author:Kevin Xiao    Reader:     
With the successful controllment for the unexpected outbreak of Novel Coronavirus, most enterprises in China have rolled out active precaution measures while resuming production. Recently, KINCGERA were honorably invited by one of the cement to solve the abrasion problem for their coal pulverization pipe systems. 

KINGCERA’s company leaders made a very fast response after receiving the call, and arrange technician team to go onsite. After a carefully check and analyzation with the rubber coal pulverization pipe system, we made an overall answer to the customer which explains the reason why the pipe is seriously suffering from abrasion problem. The customer told KINGCERA that they have been using the rubber pipe and usually this pipe has to be replaced every 3 months. The service life time and frequent maintenance costs is really a headache for them. 

 After a full explanation about the test result of rubber coal pulverization pipe made by the customer, KINGERA introduced the ceramic lining coal pipe with successful application cases in other cement plant, and the customer were highly commended on this. They strongly believe that this new pipe will be the best choice to solving the abrasion problem. KINGCERA will provide a whole wear solution for this ceramic lining coal pulverization pipe system and help this cement plant resume to work in the following days.
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