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Good news│Kingcera signed a large order of ceramic lined concrete pump pipes

Time:2020-04-13      Author:Jack Huang    Reader:     
Recently, a good news came from the Foreign Trade Department. Kingcera signed an order for about 1,000 pieces pump pipes with a German pump truck service company. This is the largest ceramic lined concrete pump pipe order signed by our company this year.
As we know, the traditional pump pipes are made of metal materials. Kingcera has developed the wear resistant ceramic lined concrete pump pipes 10 years ago. After years of continuous research and development, the current wear-resistant ceramic lined concrete pump pipe has been welcomed by the market. Especially the wear-resistant ceramic lined elbow, which has 2 to 3 times longer service life than ordinary metal material elbow. However, our ceramic lined straight pipe had two disadvantages. One is that the price is relatively high, and the other is that the weight of the straight pipe is relatively heavy.
At present, the main concrete pump manufacturers’ research and development trend is moving towards lightweight. The requirements for the weight reduction of pump truck pipelines are also increasing. In order to meet the market requirements, Kingcera has intensified research and development, using higher-grade ceramic materials, reducing the thickness of the pipeline, and developing a more lightweight ceramic straight pipe. After trials by some domestic and foreign customers, the weight of our lightweight wear-resistant ceramic lined straight pipe has reached the customer's requirements, and the service life has also been extended. Therefore, the German customer decided to purchase a batch of pump truck straight pipes.
Now, the main concrete pump manufacturers, including SANY and ZOOMLION, are also discussing the cooperation issue of lightweight wear-resistant ceramic lined concrete pump pipes with our company.

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