Next Generation of Wear-Resistant Product would be Cermet!

Time:2018-01-12      Author:Kevin Xiao     
On 3rd, Jan. 2018, a new generation of Wear-Resistant product launched off assembly line successfully in KINGCERA’s workshop. Trial order has been delivered to Fujian Province to test the quality. And the Reserching&Developing department will follow up the final result and make improvements accordingly.
Cermet is a composite product which consists of ceramic and metal. It is a new generation used for wear-resistant solutions. Both of the wear and impact resistance improved a lot after this combination process. 
After nearly two years of research and development, KINGCERA Engineering team conducted thousands of experiments and gained much experience. They not only studied the uniform dispersion, but also the interface compatibility of ceramic and metal. With lots of test batch and pilot batch accomplished in library, they finally contributed to mass production. 
Now, this composite material is expected to solve the problems for equipment suffering from high impact shock and severe wear. In addition, a new idea of cermet forming is under testing, the trial batch will be conducted very soon.

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