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New technology-Two color ceramics

Time:2020-05-12     Author:Michael Liu    Reader:

Kingcera’s new technology ,two color ceramics have been developed successfully and we believe it will be becoming very popular again just like we developed the new ceramic product,ZTA(zirconia toughened alumina) in 6 years ago. 
Actually ,we received this innovative and revolutionary suggestion in 5 years ago from one of our biggest distributors from Australia and we start to do the researches and development from that time .As one of the biggest wear resistant ceramic manufacturers in China, we have specialized in the R&D for the wear resistant ceramic linings, ceramic wear liners ,ceramic lined pipe fittings for over 25 years .So after we received this requirements and challenges ,Our research workers and engineers have done thousands and thousands researches and lab testings. After 5 years later ,we are successfully solved all the problems which we met and it’s the same quality as the one color ceramic for this two color ceramics after we tested .
For this new products ,it will help customers to identify the wear loss by visual checking. Usually ,the mining workers do not know what’s the situation of the ceramic wear liners applied in the chutes ,deflectors and hoppers by visual checking .So it caused lots of energies and troubles to them .So some customers feedbacked the end users’ suggestions to us and this is the reason why two color ceramic are developed .What’s more ,our two color ceramics do not have the limitation for the sizes or shapes, so it will definitely help customers solving some checking and measurement problems and becoming popular soon .
Tailored solution is always our best advantages since we have a very professional and experienced team.Our key advantage is to solve kinds of different problems the customers met to increase the working efficiency for them.

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