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What is pressure pipeline?

Time:2023-02-10     Author:KINGCERA(Translated by Echo Huang)    Reader:

Simply speaking, the pressure pipeline is a set of pipes which are used to contain fluid at high pressure. The detailed definition of pressure pipeline refers to the tubular equipment used for conveying materials at a certain pressure. The scope is defined as gas, liquefied gas, steam medium with the maximum working pressure greater than or equal to 0.1MPa (gauge pressure) or flammable, explosive, toxic, corrosive liquid medium with the maximum working temperature higher than or equal to the standard boiling point. And the nominal diameter of the pipe is greater than 25mm. The quality of pressure pipeline components is the basis of safe operation of pressure pipeline.
Pressure pipelines are divided into: long-distance pipelines (GA category), public pipelines (GB category), industrial pipelines (GC category), and power pipelines (GD category).
What is pressure pipeline?
A large part of wear-resistant ceramic pipes produced by KINGCERA involves pressure pipe components. According to the relevant documents of the State Council, pressure piping components manufacturing units must obtain qualification certificates before they can manufacture pressure piping components. In order to ensure the compliance of the production of ceramic pipes and respond to the call of the country, we have actively applied for and obtained the pressure pipe and component manufacturing license.
So, if you have the demand for wear-resistant pressure pipelines, welcome come to consult us. We will serve you enthusiastically.
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