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Kingcera’s ceramic lined pipes fitting

Time:2018-12-17     Author:Michael Liu    Reader:

Kingcera have mainly three type of ceramic lined pipe fittings by different installations. Ceramic tiles lined pipe fittings, weldable ceramic tiles lined pipe fittings and ceramic sleeve lined pipe fittings. These wear&impact&high-temperature resistant ceramic lined pipe fittings are widely used in the thermal power generation ,steel plant,mining,cement,chemical and so on .
Today, I’m going to introduce our first type ceramic lined pipe fittings:
Ceramic tiles lined pipe fittings
These ceramic lined pipes,elbows,reducers and T pipes are bonded with the abrasion resistant alumina or ZTA ceramic tiles into the inner wall of the carbon steel pipes/elbows with strong-high-temperature resistant adhesive, thus form a firm abrasion resistant layer. 
This method mainly applied in the pneumatic&hydraulic conveying system and it can be applied in almost all kinks of pipe fittings like coal powder conveying pipes and elbows,dusting,ash, slag removing pipes ,elbows,reducer,T pipe and cross pipe, even laterals, mining slurry conveying pipe fittings and so on. Almost no limitation for the the diameter of the pipe fittings. 
1. Superior wear resistance
2. Chemical and impact resistance
3. Erosion acid, alkali resistance 
4. Smooth inner wall
5. Easy installation 
6. Longer service lifetime
7. Competitive and reasonable price
8. Saved maintenance time and expenditure
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