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Kingcera's First Gas Kiln Ignited Successfully; Breakthrough in the Production of Ceramic Lined Pipes

Time:2022-09-14     Author:KINGCERA    Reader:

The first shuttle-type hanging gas kiln was successfully ignited in Hunan Kingcera Engineering Co.,Ltd. on August 26, 2022, and the wear-resistant ceramic lined pipes and ceramic rings was produced on September 3. Both the quality and output have been improved, which means that KINGCERA has the ability to cope with the difficulties of power curtailment, and can manufacture high-quality large-sized ceramic rings and super-long ceramic pipes.

Power outages have occurred many times in the past two years, which has had a certain impact on the production of KINGCERA, and also led to some delivery delays. In order to solve this problem, we built a shuttle-type hanging gas kiln to replace electricity with gas, which can guarantee production during power curtailment period. Moreover, the kiln also has the characteristics of low energy consumption, no pollution, energy saving and emission reduction.

Compared with ordinary kilns, the shuttle-type hanging gas kiln has a large internal space with higher height, which can increase the output and produce large-sized ceramic rings and longer ceramic pipes. Nowadays, KINGCERA can use this kiln to make K95 super wear-resistant integral ceramic pipes with a length of nearly three meters, which is of great significance to industries with high airtightness requirements such as the transportation of lithium battery cathode materials.
Integral long ceramic pipe - super long & wear resistant
In addition, the temperature, gas, air flow and pressure of the hanging gas kiln can be detected by the instrument. According to the detection data, the furnace conditions can be accurately grasped and stably controlled by flame nozzle pressurization, chimney shutter and air damper, so as to ensure the suitable heating temperature and atmosphere. The shuttle-type hanging gas kiln greatly improves the quality of ceramics with the short adjustment and sintering time, fast reaction speed, uniform temperature, and the gas fuel can be burned everywhere without dead angle.
Integral long ceramic pipe - super long & wear resistant
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