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KINGCERA team visited lithium battery plant in Guangdong province for promotion PPR+K95 All in one ceramic pipes liner

Time:2022-10-26     Author:Steven HE    Reader:

KINGCERA always focusing on the development and design on wear resistant ceramics to solve such super abrasion problems in the heavy industry. Providing the international and domestic customer base cost-effective, high quality and customized system protect solutions.
Meeting with lithium plant  learders
Meeting with lithium plant  learders
In Sep.2022,KINGCERA team came to a lithium battery plant in Guangdong province. After the project site investigation,We found that the material conveying pipes was seriously worn and blocked, and this was also a difficult problem troubling the leaders and equipment department staff of the lithium battery plant. After communication, We learned that the material transmission pipes, currently used in the lithium battery plant, is a relatively backward stainless steel and plastic lining pipe, which has been used for two years, and often blocked the material, affecting the production.
On-site measurement
On-site measurement
Kingcera promotion PPR+K95 All in one ceramic pipes, with high quality,long service time,easy installation,price are more less than stainless steel ,After the introduction of our product and company, the leaders of the lithium battery plant pay high attention to our products, and decided to include our ceramic pipes in their supplier list, then reached the cooperation of pipeline replacement as soon as possible.
PPR+K95 All in one ceramic pipes liner
PPR+K95 All in one ceramic pipes liner
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