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Successful application of wear-resistant ceramic liner in chute and hopper of a steel plant

Time:2022-10-29     Author:Roy Luo    Reader:

A prominent iron and steel plant consulted with Kingcera who launched an in depth study into the wear patterns observed, as well as the behavior of the wear plates within these chute sections. On conclusion of the study Kingcera recommended and installed a 63mm thick ceramic wear liners into these chute sections.

The newly developed ceramic liner package installed into these chute sections have been inspected at different intervals during their service life. After one half a year in service the condition of the liners indicated that they are capable of lasting up to at least 4-5 years, which increase the service life 8 times than the past at least.
The below pictures were taken of some of the chute sections after one half a year in service.

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