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Rectangular&square ceramic wear liners

Time:2021-02-19     Author:Michael Liu    Reader:

Kingcera ceramic rubber steel plate are composite together by vulcanizing with the ceramic, rubber and steel plate, connected with the studs and nuts.It's one of the perfect products for the wear&impact protections .And the customized thickness ,shapes and sized can be provided.
The Kingcera have a wide ranges of the ceramic options which can meet different application according to the different working conditions. Instead of only one type ceramic material, Kingcera can not only provide the 92%,95% and 99% alumina for the wear serious spot, but the ZTA,ARZ and pure zirconia for the high wear&impact position since the medium size is bigger and falling height is high .There are also abundant shape options to choose for customers for different working conditions.
Today,Kingcera would like to introduce our rectangular and square shape ceramic wear liners. These are the most common ceramic wear liners applied in the mining ,cement, power plant and steel industries ,like the chutes ,hoppers and deflectors, separators and mills. It worked very well and popular because of the professional design and stable quality.
Rectangular and square ceramic wear liners’ advantages: 
---Increased working efficiency
---Enhanced wear&sliding resistance
---Reducing shutdown time 
---Stable quality
---Easy installations
Rectangular&square ceramic wear liners
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