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KINGCERA, since its establishment in 1993, has devoted itself in research and development and application of industrial wear resistance ceramic technology. As the largest enterprise engaged in the production of wear resistant ceramics, we focus on the production of wear resistance ceramics, wear-resistance ceramic lined pipings and wear resistant ceramic linings as well as wear resistant ceramic lined equipments used in the bulk materials handling applications. The products are widely used in the equipments suffering high abrasion in the field of thermal power, steel, smelting, cement, mining, chemical industry, and port and so on.
KINGCERA always focusing on the development and design on wear resistant ceramics to solve such super abrasion problems in the heavy industry. Providing the international and domestic customer base cost-effective, high quality and customized system protect solutions.
Over the years, our factory has developed series of innovative products and to meet the market needs, Such as the high wear resistant ceramic composite liners, ceramic pulley lagging. KINGCERA has an acknowledged reputation for quality workmanship and excellent service.
KINGCERA not only provide a product, we provide one-stop services including the design and engineering of ceramic tiles and liners, fabrication, installation and maintenance support.
KINGCERA is wishing to be your reliable wear resistant protection expert.
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