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New Application Trends of TiC-based steel bonded cemented carbide rod-composite HPGR roller

Time:2022-12-08     Author:Rachel    Reader:

ZRIME YDFH, this product breaks the quiet situation in the market of HPGR with tungsten carbide studs in recent two years. Other two local main design institute in cement HPGR are surprised in this change, ZRIME’s main business is welding material and on-site welding repair. 
Tungsten carbide stud is a commonly used and good wear resistant material, high density, high hardness. Applied in HPGR by combined mechanical way: overfilling fits and glue binding bcz of its non-weldable. Also affected by this characteristic,when  stud breaking and dropping, picking out the inside broken stud and replace on site need long shutdown time. Affected by more strictly safety operation rules , energy saving and carbon emission reduction request and higher unit cost of tungsten carbide studs, the market need composite HPGR with nicer price and better performance.

There are two main way to make composite HPGR roller with ferro-tic rod, one is casting + welding, other is mechanical fitting +welding. One main raw material of TiC-based steel bonded cemented carbide rod is ferromanganese powder, combined with high manganese steel wear parts by casting is easily operated. Plus it could be welded, extra certain thickness surfacing and reinforced welding strip, the technology of this combination are quick to start by one strong strength foundry, one rich experienced welding company and one company with rich resource in cement industry.   
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