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Wear resistant ceramic tiles lined pipe

Time:2023-02-14     Author:Jack Huang    Reader:

Kingcera’s solution is based on the thousand of hundred applications in different industries.we know well about the pipe abrasion problems. We can meet the customer’s equipment as well as help them saving cost.Meanwhile, we focus on the industries’ processing, providing the suitable products which are tested good and reliable.

Ceramic tile lined pipes introduction.

Pipes used in the heavy industries are suffering from high temperature(Normally above 100℃),high wear,high impact, especially the bends. We developed the ceramic tiles lined pipings for this application.
This kind of pipe composite three parts, the steel pipe+glue+ceramic.The steel pipe is hot pressing,which is different to section welding bend. The ceramic tiles is 95% high alumina, and the glue is high temperature adhesive up to 350OC.This kind of bend are good for the powder transport and no tile fall off or aging working under 350OC for long time. The service life span is 4 to 5 times than normal steel pipe.

Product Sketch:

Product Sketch
Item Thickness Material Special points
Steel 6mm-10mm 20#seamless steel Seamless forming, high impact
Glue 0.5-1mm High temperature inorganic glue No aging when working under high temperature/td>
Ceramic 5mm-12mm 95% alumina ceramic High density,super wear


 Ceramic pipe Installation

Application advantage:

1.Super wear resistant, High density. 95% high alumina and forming by 100 tons dry pressing machine.
2.The steel bend is hot bended,no welding.
3.Using the high quanlity glue, can protect the ceramic tiles from fall off.
4.The bend is hot processing. No welding.
5.Smooth inner wall of the pipe. It is good for bulk material transport, can reducing the waste

Product features

Kingcera ceramic is made with 95% high alumina and 2% chromic oxide .The alumina powder is forming by dry press and fired by 1700OC temparature.The final tiles is pink.The ceramic has the high density and very abrasive.
Alumina ceramic tile
Alumina ceramic tile

It has the following features:

1.High hardness: Rockwell hardness is HRA85-90,next to the diamend hardness。
2.Very good wear resistant quality: It is tested the ceramic wear resistant quality is more than 10 times than the normal steel pipe
3.Good Impact quanlity: Our ceramic is toughened. Incerased the ceramic impact ability.
4.No fall off of the ceramic: Using the high quanlity glue, can protect the ceramic tiles from fall off.
5.Low density: Ceramic density is 3.6/cm3,only half to the steel density. Wear resistant ceramic to replace other bulky can greatly reduce the equipment load
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