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The ceramic lined equipment applied in the blast furnace of steel plant

Time:2023-12-29     Author:Michael Liu    Reader:

The material feeding chutes,hoppers,pipe fittings and valves are the essential equipments in the blast furnace of steel plant.But all of these feedding equipments are suffering very serious abrasion and impact because of the high conveying capacity and high falling needs to shutdown frequently because of the equipments maintenance.

Kingcera worked with a famous and professional steel equipment company for the wear resistant ceramic equipments applied in the blast furnace over 15 years now and we have lots of experiences and solutions for all kinds of different equipments like ceramic lined conveying hopper,ceramic lined swing chutes,seal box,feeding valve and slag conveying pipe fittings.It will prolong over 5 times than before and it has enjoyed a very great reputation because it’s much longer service lifetime as the customer feedbacked.

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