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Caring for Employees and Preventing Occupational Diseases, We Are in Action.

Time:2020-01-06     Author:Jiang Chang    Reader:

On December 24, 2019, Hunan Kingcera Engineering Co.LTD arranged the health examinations for different production workers according to different types of work under the organization of two safety staffs in order to take care of the health of the employees and prevent occupational diseases.
At 8:00 am, Changsha Jinshui Health Management Co., Ltd’s physical examination car arrived at company on time. All production line employees, including QC inspection staffs, were under the command of the safety staffs, lined up in front of dining room in an orderly manner and waited patiently for health examination. During the examination process, the employees cooperated with the doctors actively, asked the doctors for their physical conditions, found the adverse factors and bad habits affecting physical health in time, so that they can be found in advance, prevent early and treat as soon as possible.

The biggest change of this physical examination compared with previous years is that we invited Changsha Jinshui Health Management Co., Ltd to provide on-site service. The company has a strong health management service team, there are many professional doctors with high qualifications, high educated and professional titles, who are under the guidance of experts from Hunan Province People’s Hospital. It is a medical examination institution with occupational medical qualification. It is the only private medical examination institution introduced by the Changsha Economic and Technological Development Zone. It is mainly engaged in the business of health certificate management, occupational disease examination and health examination. Philips color ultrasonic from USA, Jena Automatic Absorption from Germany, and Toshiba automatic biochemical analyzer from Japan and other high-end imported medical equipment, to ensure the advanced and authoritative medical technology .Inviting the medical examination institution to come to the company for the employees’physical examination to provide the convenience for the staff, it can save their time after the hard work. After the physical examination, the staff showed a knowing smile on their faces, giving a high recognition to the service attitude of the medical staffs of Changsha Jinshui Health Management and Physical Examination Center.

For many years, the company has insisted on organizing the employees to have regular health examination every year. To let the employees know about their physical health status, discover diseases to treat in time, prevent the occurrence of the occupational disease and improve their physical and mental health level. Let the employees truly feel the warmth of the company, improve the sense of belonging of the staff, improve the enthusiasm of the work, enhance the cohesion of the enterprise and build a harmonious and healthy company environment.
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