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Ceramic lining chutes and hoppers are delivered to Australian mine

Time:2018-08-12     Author:Michael Liu    Reader:

Bulk material conveying chute and hopper are widely applied in the material conveying system like in mining ,cement ,coal-fired power plant and steel plant .Because the mass of materials keep falling down to the chute and hopper, it will be suffered a very serious impact and abrasion.
Kingcera can design the custom solutions to help the customs to solve the wear&impact problems according to the customer’s feedbacks about the working conditions like the falling height ,material size and speed ,conveying capacity of the material. We will design the custom ceramic shape , material and thickness to make the performance well according to all these information the customer provided.

Recently, Kingcera finished a project for the material conveying chutes and hoppers in one of the Australian giant mine .Since the material size is very small and the capacity is big ,so we chose the ceramic lining bonding to the chutes and hoppers directly without rubber .By choosing this type ,we can make sure the smallest gap between the ceramics .After many times researching ,we found that the rubber gap between the ceramics is the weak point in the ceramic wear liners suffered in very serious abrasion problem by sliding and if we can reduce the gap size and quantity and then we can prolong service life much longer.
Kingcera have plenty of working experiences and skilled engineers to do the bulk material conveying hoppers, chutes and deflectors by lining our wear resistant ceramics applied in mining ,steel and cement plant. What’s more ,we can design different ceramic shapes ,different ceramic material and different ceramic thickness according to the customer’s working conditions .By choosing different ceramic material, it not only can act a better performance ,but can be more economical for customers .One of our most popular ceramic material like ZTA have already enjoyed a great reputations because of our superior quality.It is a ideal product for the serious abrasion and impact applied in mining industry ,especially for iron ore mine .
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