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Kingcera’s ceramic lined pipes fittings


Kingcera have mainly three type of ceramic lined pipe fittings by different installations. Ceramic tiles lined pipe fittings, weldable ceramic tiles lined pipe fittings and ceramic sleeve lined pipe fittings. These wearimpacthigh-temperatur...

Kingcera’s Ceramic Lagging for the belt pulley


There are many conveying belt pulleys in the steel industry, cement factory, port ,mining for material conveying. Usually, the pulleys are wrapped by a layer of rubber to prevent the abrasions .The material or the clay are easy to bond the...

Application of KINGCERA wear resistant ceramic lining in cylinder mixer


The cylinder mixer is one of the important equipments in the production of sintering. The working principle is to wet and mix the configured sintered ore raw materials, so that the moisture, the particle size and the components of the ingre...

Why ZTA Ceramic Is So Popular When Compared To Common Alumina Ceramic


Alumina ceramics are of great industrial importance. With its high wear resistance, low thermal expansivity, low electric conductivity, they are widely used in abrasion-resistant liners and electronic circuit carrier substrate. At present,...

Kingcera Wear Abrasion Ceramic Sleeve Lined Pipe And Elbow Applied In Lithium Battery Industry


Kingcera 95% alumina ceramic sleeve lined pipes, elbows and T pipes have been largely applied in lithium battery material conveying system in recently years. Its a very big step for Kingcera to develop our products in a new industry. Our pr...