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Ceramic wear liners


Kingcera ceramic wear liners are an advanced wear product supplied by Hunan Kingcera Engineering Co., Ltd. The ceramic tiles are available in Rubber encased liners, excellent in high abrasion applications with the ability to absorb impact,...

Ceramic lined pipe delivered to animal feed factory


Ceramic tile lined pipe can be used for many industries. Kingcera have more than 25 years experience for producing the ceramic wear liners, ceramic lined pipe as well as any equipment which suffered from abrasion problems. We can provide su...

Wear-Resistant Ceramic Liner Applied in Cylinder Mixer for Sintering Plant


With the continuous improvement of clinker ratio, the requirement for sintering is getting higher and higher. And the contradiction between supplement and demand is becoming more and more prominent, which have become the bottleneck restrict...

Equipment with Abrasion-resistant Ceramic Liner


Besides the abrasion-resistant ceramic pinging, Kingcera also produce different kinds of simple equipment with abrasion-resistant ceramic liner upon specific requirement of clients. The design of equipment and the installation of ceramic li...

The stud welding wear resistant ceramic liner (NMC-G)


Kingcera stud welding wear resistant ceramic liner was designed for solving the problems of high temperature, high impact, dynamic operation and other equipment abrasions on serious working conditions. The adhesive and mechanical methods ar...

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