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How to select the right Ceramic wear liners

Time:2022-12-28     Author:Jack Huang    Reader:

Ceramic has anti-corrosion properties that prolong wear life & improve impact resistance.Kingcera’s ceramics had the excellent performance in the applications of high abrasion and high impact.

How to select the right ceramic materials for your application?

1.There are many aspects need to take into consideration. Kingcera has different types of the ceramic liners, including the ceramic tile lining sheet, ceramic and rubber composite liner, ceramic rubber and steel backed liner. 
2.If the equipment is only suffer from the abrasion, and is not severe. then the ceramic tile sheet is suggested to be used. If the equipment is suffered from heavy abrasion and impact, then the ceramic&rubber&steel backed wear liner is the good option.
3.According to the bulk material handle volume, different ceramic materials will be recommended. Kingcera has series of ceramic materials that can meet different application and the have different wear life. We have alumina ceramic, ZTA ceramic, Zirconia ceramic as well as the metallic Titanium Carbide ceramic.

The following is a list of our ceramic materials:

Anyway, please contact our sale team for technical solutions for you application. Kingcera 30 year’s experience will help you to optimize your equipment wear situation and greatly improve the wear life.
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