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The metal base ceramic stud

Time:2022-12-15     Author:Michael Liu    Reader:

In Kingcera, the ceramic innovation is always a topic for both of the salesman and the technical&engineering team. To solve the nature weakness of the ceramics, we are trying to find different way to strengthen the ceramic’s fracture toughness and the impact resistant ability, including to create the different materials and design.

Recently, we finished another project for the HPGR roller which helped the customer reduced the cost .The tungsten carbide stud is always the first choice for the HPGR roller protection before and it worked well, but the only issue is that the tungsten carbide is too expensive. We made a brain storm discussion after we received this project, especially when we had the working condition and the running theory of the roller. Finally ,we decided to use a metal base ceramic studs to do the trial testing and the material chose to ARZ(alumina reinforced zirconia) considering its high wear and squeezing strength. After confirmed the material and the design, we made lots of efforts to finish the final products and delivered to the customers after a month.The customer’s gave a high impression about our strong and experienced engineering ability for the wear resistant ceramic products.
Here to have a look for our gorgeous artwork for our ARZ metal base ceramic studs.

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