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The new ceramic product - ceramic coupon

Time:2022-11-17     Author:Michael Liu    Reader:

Recently, Kingcera just finished a repeat order for the ceramic coupon for the vibrating screen for the crushing system. To begin with, the customer expressed their main concern about the fragile character of the ceramics and they have a big issue about the service lifetime for the normal wear resistant steel coupon. It need to be replaced very frequently because of the high abrasion and they required us to provide a solution for them.

We had a technical discussion with the main engineers ,technical team and the production manager after analyzed the customer working condition. We provided two types of proper solution for the customers in the end. For this application, The most important thing is the material selection. We chose the ARZ(Alumina reinforced zirconia) for this application because of its superior abrasion and impact ability. The second issue is that we need to take a full consideration of the ceramic design. Therefore, Here are our two ceramic solutions. One type is the hemispherical ceramic vulcanized with the rubber on the surface of the steel coupon. Another type is the customized ceramic direct bonding on the surface of the steel coupon. After the ceramic designing,pressing,cutting,sintering and installation, we delivered the goods after a month.Luckily,the working performance is very good after one year service and the customer feedbacked that it prolonged about 4 times than before and it helped the customer a lot to reduce the maintenance time and they are very happy about it.So they wish to try more to apply more vibratiing screens.

Kingcera have a very strong and experienced R&D team and we will develop the new products over 10 kinds each year according to the different customers requirements. We are happy to help the customers to solve different kinds of wear&impact problems under our powerful design and engineering ability.
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