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Kingcera Wear Abrasion Ceramic Sleeve Lined Pipe And Elbow Applied In Lithium Battery Industry

Time:2018-09-03     Author:Summer Chen    Reader:

Kingcera 95% alumina ceramic sleeve lined pipes, elbows and T pipes have been largely applied in lithium battery material conveying system in recently years. It’s a very big step for Kingcera to develop our products in a new industry. Our products, technology and service have been highly recognized by our worldwide lithium battery customers. 

Kingcera has our own manufacturing technique to produce wear abrasion stainless ceramic pipes with below advantages:
1. Better purity for inside and outside pipe materials;
2. More abrasive;
3. Higher corrosion resistance;
4. Stronger impacting resistance;
5. Better high temperature resistance
6. Smaller flatness of inside pipe(ceramic flatness≤0.5mm) 

Kingcera has made many investigations that the ceramic pipes material purity is very important for lithium battery material conveying system, and it will directly impact the lithium battery material purity and quality pretty much. Furthermore the ceramic sleeve flatness is also a big factor for impacting the lithium battery material size. We have made much analysis and improved our manufacturing technique, have solved the above two problems. Now can help lithium battery material conveying system to solve the problems well with better material purity, longer working life time and better economic benefits.
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