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Ceramic Lined Polypropylene(PP) Pipe | Ceramic Lined Polymer Pipe

Ceramic Lined Polypropylene Pipe
Ceramic lined PP pipe
Ceramic lined polymer pipe
Ceramic lined PP pipe

The ceramic lined polypropylene pipe (PP pipe) completely solves the problem of metal pollution in the transportation of lithium battery materials. Its outer layer is made of polymer materials and lined with wear resistant ceramics. It is completely metal-free, and it has wear-resistant, anti-corrosion properties, easy to install, and high cost performance, greatly prolonging the service life of the pipeline, and ensuring the quality of lithium battery materials.


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Ceramic lined polypropylene pipe (PP pipe) application background

The transportation of lithium battery materials is a typical magnetic pollution-sensitive industry, which has extremely high requirements for the prevention and control of metal pollution. The transportation pipeline has also gone through multiple stages such as glass pipelines, polypropylene pipelines, ceramic-lined stainless steel pipelines, and ceramic-lined polymer pipelines.

All of these pipes have the effect of isolating metal. However, glass pipes are brittle, poor in impact resistance, high in cost, and easily damaged. Polypropylene pipes are not wear-resistant, and to meet the requirements for wear resistance and corrosion resistance, the cost will increase sharply. Ceramic-lined stainless steel pipes are excellent in terms of wear resistance and corrosion resistance, but there is a risk of metal contamination, so ceramic-lined polymer pipes solve these problems very well.

Ceramic lined polypropylene pipe (PP pipe)

Ceramic lined polypropylene pi​pe (PP pipe) 


Performance and characteristics

The ceramic-lined polypropylene pipe is a polymer tube lined with wearresistant ceramics. You can use ceramic rings or the integrally formed long ceramic tubes newly developed by Kingcera. The ceramic lining is anti-wear and anti-corrosion, and the polymer outer tube as structural support.
Ceramic-lined polypropylene pipes have the following characteristics:
1. Completely metal-free: The ceramic-lined polymer tube is completely metal-free, which completely solves the problem of metal pollution in the transportation of lithium battery materials,and the integrally formed ceramic long tube with the inner lining can greatly reduce the splicing gap, and can also prevent material leakage and other pollution , to ensure the purity of the material.
2. Light weight, easy installation and disassembly: ceramiclined polymer pipes are much lighter than ceramic-lined stainless steel pipes, which are convenient for transportation, disassembly and installation.
3. Cost-effective: ceramic-lined polymer pipes are more costeffective than ceramic lined stainless steel pipes, saving costs.

Product display 

Ceramic lined polypropylene pipe (PP pipe)
Ceramic lined PP pipe
Ceramic lined polymer pipe
Ceramic Lined Polypropylene Pipe

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