Ceramic wear liners


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Ceramic composite liner

Ceramic composite liner
Ceramic composite liner
Ceramic composite liner
Ceramic composite liner

The ceramic composite liner can be divided into two types: two-in-one composite liner (ceramic + rubber, ceramic + steel plate) and three-in-one composite liner (ceramic + rubber + steel plate).


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Categories:Ceramic wear liners




Product Characters

The wear resistant ceramic composite liner is made of alumina or zirconia ceramics, which are vulcanized and embedded into a steel mold equipped with special rubber under high temperature conditions to form a wear-resistant ceramic composite liner. It is widely used  in coal conveying and ash discharge systems of cement and thermal power plants, as well as silos, hoppers, chutes and other equipment in the material conveying systems of the iron and steel metallurgical industry.

Technical Specifications

Specifications Technical arrange
Density 3.7~6 g/cm³
Rockwell Hardness(HRA) ≥85
Vicker Hardness (Hv10) ≥1100
Bending Strength 300~800 Mpa
Compressive strength 1200~3000 Mpa
Wear ability ≤0.03 cm³
Fracture toughness (KIC) ≥3.2 Mpa/m²
Temperature resistant ≤ 750 ℃
Acid and alkali Ability PH 3~12


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