Ceramic & rubber pulley lagging


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Pure ceramic tile lined pulley

Pure ceramic tile lined pulley
Pure ceramic tile lined pulley
Pure ceramic tile lined pulley
Pure ceramic tile lined pulley

The ceramic tile has a unique "dovetail groove" design. The thickness of the glue between the ceramic and the pulley is guaranteed to be more than 1mm, and the bonding shear strength is guaranteed to be more than 12Mpa to ensure that the ceramic tile does not fall off.


Origin:Changsha China

Categories:Ceramic & rubber pulley lagging




Features of product

1. The ceramic pulley produced by Kingcera has a high wear-resistant alumina ceramic on the surface of the pulley and is fixed to the belt conveyor roller through a special arrangement and gluing process to increase the friction coefficient between the belts. Prevent belt slippage.
2. The high wear resistance of alumina ceramics makes the service life of the driving drum more than 8 times longer than that of the traditional rubber-coated drum.
3. The ceramic pulley is suitable for extremely harsh conditions such as high abrasion, easy skidding, and damp materials or the surrounding environment. It has been widely used in steel, metallurgy, coal, cement, power generation, ports and other industries.

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