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The ceramic grader for micro mill and jet mill

ceramic grader
ceramic separator
jet mill
ceramic grader

The ceramic grader applied in the micro and jet mill more frequently in the lithium powder conveying system to prevent the metal pollution and wear protection. It has a high hardness, great wear protection, smooth surface and prevent the metal pollution when the cathode material conveying in the lithium battery industry.


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The operating principle for ceramic grader

Just like the separator operating principle, the processing material moves with the upward airflow to the classification area under the suction force of the fan to make the separation between big and fine material by high speed centrifugal force. The qualified fine particle material go though the grader and the unqualified particles will go inside the mill and griding it again until the size is qualified to the grader.
ceramic grader for micro mill and and jet mill

The advantages of the ceramic grader

The alumina/ARZ ceramic grader is made and processed by Kingcera completely and it has the following advantages.
1. High hardness.The hardness of alumina ceramic is over 85 HRA and the ARZ(Alumina reinforced zirconia ) is even over 90 HRA.The ceramic grader has a longer service lifetime with such high hardness.
2. No metal pollution. Because the ceramic grader is made of pure ceramic materials which has a great wear ability, so it will not cause any metal pollution for the lithium cathode material conveying ,which is beneficial for improving the purity and quality of the cathode material applied in lithium battery industry.
3. No sticking. The ceramic surface is smooth and ceramic surface solved the sticky material problem.

Product Exhibition

ceramic grader for micro mill and and jet mill
ceramic grader for micro mill and and jet mill
ceramic grader for micro mill and and jet mill
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