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Kingcera K92 alumina ceramic put into massive production

Time:2020-04-22     Author:Jack Huang    Reader:

At the beginning of the new year of 2020, the whole country is engaged in a war fight against COVID-19. On one hand, Kingcera took strong measures to prevent the epidemic, on the other hand, we hastened to resume production and adjust and optimize the production processes. After the high-quality raw material production line put into operation in the early stage, the adjustment of the milling process, and the efforts of employees in the production workshop under severe epidemic conditions. Our new K92 alumina ceramic is putting into massive production. We guarantee the completion of various orders at home and abroad with quality assurance.
Kingcera new K92 alumina ceramic has been improved from material selection to formulation and process control. The product’s abrasion resistance performance has been improved by more than 50% compared to the similar domestic normal wear-resistant ceramics. Kingcea always provides cost-effective, high-quality products to global wear-resistant ceramic users.

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