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What is the difference of Kingcera's ceramic materials to other Chinese suppliers

Time:2023-02-06     Author:Jack Huang    Reader:

1. First of all, Kingcera is a professional wear resistant ceramic manufacturer in China with 30 years experience. We focus on the ceramic R&D all the time and has rich experience. Kingcera is the only wear resistant ceramic manufacturer which won the National Price of Science and Technology Development.
2. Kingcera has strict quality control system. We check every batch of the raw materials from the Supplier. We have the Quality control measures in every production processes, all the Quality check have records and the quality is able to chase.  
3. The biggest difference is Kingcera has its own Raw alumina sintering facilities. We produce the alumina powder for our own use. The Industrial raw aluminium can not be used for the ceramic production. It must be sintered and transfer the crystal from Gamma(γ) alumina to the stable Alpha(α) alumina. Then the α-Alumina can be used for the ceramic production. Most Chinese supplier do not has its own raw material sintering facilities.Although Kingcera’s raw material sintering is with higher costs because of the small quantity, but we can control the quality of the raw material and keep stable. 
4. The performance of Kingcera’s alumina is much better than the market product.For example,Our K92 alumina has the hardness of HRA89-90, and the density is higher than 3.75 cm³/g. The normal 92% alumina’s hardness is HRA85, and the density is 3.65cm³/g. What’s more, Kingcera does not only focus on the Hardness and Density, we know very well that the Effects of microstructure on wear resistance of ceramics. So Kingcera’s ceramic are always focus on the microstructure, such as the grain size, Porosity,the composition of grain boundary phase, the stress distribution on grain boundary, pores and other microstructures.
5. Kingcera’s raw alumina materials are mostly imported from the Australia. The Australia alumina are always recognized as higher purity and high quality. Most of the Chines ceramic supplier’s raw alumina are from the local powder supplier.
All in all, Kingcera is your best choice of the wear resistant ceramics.
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