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Kingcera ceramic lined pipes boost Lithium-ion battery cathode material pneumatic transport system upgrade

Time:2022-10-14     Author:Roy Luo    Reader:

As a leader in design, integration, and manufacture of custom ceramic lined pipe spools manufacturer, Kingcera have manufactured ten thousands pieces of pipe lined with ceramic sleeves, inside diameter 50mm, 62mm, 65mm 80mm and 100mm for Lithium-ion battery cathode material pneumatic transport in Lithium battery industry. 
The pipe spools was manufactured to a special procedure, to ensure that the transported materials are not contaminated with no-ferrous metals during conveyance, we have carried out the lining of the piping through to the pipe ends (in particular, flush with flanges, no recess), and there is no gaps between the lining of pipe, the height deference between ceramic sleeves no more than 0.5mm. The extremely short delivery time was a challenge during the handling of the orders, which we have successfully delivered the goods in time for the clients every time by our strong production team and capacity.
Lithium-ion battery cathode material transport pipes used to be made by 304 stainless steel lined with Fiberglass reinforced plastics, but the Fiberglass reinforced plastic is not good enough for the wear-resistant, the powder is continuously washed and worn under the action of pressure, so the service life is about 6 month, the frequent replacement of the conveyor system results in production loses. The election of the appropriate material is vital importance, ceramic sleeve lined pipe can effectively solve the problems, as ceramic is more hardness and wear-resistant. Ceramic sleeve lined pipes, elbows and T pipes have been largely applied in lithium-ion battery cathode material conveying system in recently years, ceramic lined pipes are highly recognized by customers, as they are good wear-resistance and material fluidity performance.
Ceramic sleeve lined pipes advantages:
1、No contamination of the conveyed materials due to abrasion, mixture or oxidation.
2、Smooth surface to achieve good flowability and a avoid plugs
3、Maintenance free operation, long lifetime
Kingcera workshop for ceramic lined pipes of Lithium-ion battery cathode material pneumatic transport
Kingcera workshop for ceramic lined pipes of Lithium-ion battery cathode material pneumatic transport
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