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Wear protection for chutes and hoppers

Time:2023-01-03     Author:Jack Huang    Reader:

The material feeding chutes or hoppers are generally suffered from heavy wear. It must be installed the wear protection materials to protect the equipment.

Traditionally, the metallic wear liners were used. But the disadvantage is obvious of the metallic wear liner. First of all, the metallic liner is very heavy, it will increase the load of the equipment. Secondly, the metallic wear liner’s life time is short.

With its board range of ceramic materials, Kingcera offers various ceramic wear liners for the chutes,which can provide effective wear protection. Based on different wear area, Kingcea offers different materials for different position, such as Alumina ceramic,Zirconia Ceramic or ZTA, It can achieve the same service life in different positions of the same chute.

Kingcera team can design the solution for the chutes. Along with the fabrication of the steel structure, According to the shape of the equipment, we will design each liner and prepare the installation layout diagram of the liner. The lining board can be made into various irregular sizes to meet the requirements of equipment size. With precise cutting, there will not be big gap after the ceramic liner is installed.
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